What is Okay Energy 7 Core HHO Technology
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What is Okay Energy 7 Core HHO Technology
  Okay Energy 7 core HHO technology including integrated anti explosion and anti leakage integrated electrolytic tank,dry and wet combination anti back-fire flash arrestor,pre-anti backfire oxyhydrogen torch,PLC control panel technology,IGBT high efficiency power supply,stable pressure device,and okaycloud system.

NO.1 integrated anti explosion and anti leakage integrated electrolytic tank
A common electrolytic tank consist of two thickening end electrode,numerous intermediate electrodes and seals.There is a sealing ring between any two electrodes, and the electrodes are filled with electrolytic liquid. Therefore, if the sealing ring fails, the electrolytic liquid and the produced gas will leak out from the damaged or aged sealing ring.
Okay Energy oxyhydrogen patent electrolytic tank’s all electrodes are enclosed in stainless steel cylinders,so there is no leakage and no explosion.

NO.2 dry and wet combination anti back-fire flash arrestor
General dry type flame arrester:If the high oxyhydrogen flame burns on the outside of flashback arrestor which heated to over 500 temperature degree and no timely turning off the flame gun,it will automatically ignite oxygen and hydrogen gas,thus causing the flame arrestor to fail.It is wrong that someone thinking its workable after buying a dry type flame arrestor.Why? The main reason is that not turning off the flame gun timely.So you need to be equipped with wet type flashback arrestor.
General wet type flame arrester is also called water seal,refering to the gas out from water at the bottom.In case of backfire,water can put out a fire.
What technology is it 100% reliability of preventing backfire?Okay Energy developed and researched a type of electronic dry-type flashback arrestor.it adopts a technology of laser light detection sensor,and its detection accuracy can be captured within 0.01 seconds.At the same time,the temperature of outside wall of flashback arrestor is only increased to 80 degree.The control system will immediately cut off the gas source and fire automatically extinguished so as to achieve higih efficiency fire prevention.The electronic dry-type flashback arrestor play an active role in the high frequent backfire risk of operation such as cutting.On the side of wet type backfire arrestor,it is absolutely safe as we use multi tank multilayer and built-in one-way automatic pressure relief valve.

NO.3 Pre-anti backfire oxyhydrogen torch
A well-designed oxyhydrogen flame torch can ensure stable combustion of oxygen and hydrogen gases.HHO combustion stability is closely related to the design of nozzle including the material,size,aperture,and quantity of the nozzle.One of the most important issue is to ensure that gas pressure of nozzle is greater than 0.01Mpa in case of flame burning in the nozzle.The fire nozzle should be timely replaced,otherwise it will cause backfire.
Okay Energy pre-anti backfire oxyhydrogen flame torch can solve the problem completely.
It is easy to say that a flame arrester is added between the nozzle and valve which have two functions.The first one is that it works in case of accidentally backfire during operational process.The second one is when the operation is finished to close the valve directly,it can prevent effectively oxyhydrogen flame which is possible to backfire as for the pressure down to zero.

NO.4 PLC control panel technology
The machine interface display the status of each of the internal components graphically with character,graphics and voice mode. It takes only one minute to learn how to operate the machine.

NO.5 IGBT high efficiency power supply
The power supply system is the key component to determine the stability and efficiency of oxyhydrogen generator.Water electrolysis process requires fast and efficient production of hydrogen and oxygen gas.H2O becomes OH- and H+, where OH- moves to the anode producing oxygen gas and the H+ moves to the cathode producing hydrogen gas. Obviously, we need to efficiently turn H2O into OH- and H+.We researched and developed the power supply capable of breaking down the oxygen and hydrogen chemical bond instantaneously.

NO.6 stable pressure device
That is, the pressure of the gas output is always equal to the pressure setting regardless of whether the user increases or decreases the valve.If there is no voltage stabilizing system, the flame of a gun is unstable when the machine is accompanied by multiple guns.Gas voltage stabilizing system controls the circuit board to detect the working pressure of oxyhydrogen generators.When the pressure rises, the electrolytic current is reduced. When the pressure drops, the electrolysis current is increased and the working pressure is kept constant.

NO.7 okaycloud system
Our okaycloud system can provide you 24hours service and solve any your machine problems at any where and any time.