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What is Wifi Feature of HHO carbon cleaning machine?
Okay Energy newest HHO carbon cleaning machine features Wifi function through Okaycloud APP system.
In 2017, we invested $ 3 million to develop a new Okaycloud Control System that can serve customers 24 hours at 365 days, and customers do not need to know whether our engineers are at the company,at home,or on a business trip.As long as you have any problems,we can go through Okaycloud mobile APP system and then we can remote diagnose machine states and provide service support at anytime and anywhere.That is why we named it smart hho engine carbon cleaning machine and we can add the Okaycloud system in the CCS1000,CCS1500 and CCS2000 model.
Why do we develop and update our machine technology?
The most important one is to provide customers high quality machine and best service support.

What can we get any benifits with the Okaycloud system?
1.For the new machine user,we can easily guide you how to operate the machine on the system.It saves time and cost between us for learning and training.
2.Our engineers can remote diagnose the machine if the customer have any questions of machine maintenance.We can solve any problems and service you in the first time.

Okay Energy is the first only one HHO manufacturer owning the most advanced technology in China.