China’s largest shipbuilding and shiprepair group choosing okay oxyhydrogen cutting
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China's Largest Shipbuilding Group CSIC bringing in Okay Oxyhydrogen for cutting
  CSIC is China’s leading largest shipbuilding and shiprepair group,which bring in Okay Energy OH10000 oxyhydrogen generator for trial testing of automatic CNC and manual flame cutting this early year 2017.
After all the efforts of CSIC's experienced metal worker and Okay Energy technical and service engineer,OH10000 HHO machine works well.And the testing results meet cutting requirements.
Testing 1:Equipped with 3 flame cutting torch,the whole system is to automatic cut square shape to meet requirement of precision,high speed and smooth cutting surface.

Testing 2: By regulating HHO gas production for 1 hho torch,oxyhydrogen generator OH10000 can be ideal used for manual flame cutting.