Introduction OH1000 oxyhydrogen generator's interior and exterior structure -2020 newly upgrade
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Newly upgrade OH1000 oxyhydrogen generator
Recently,we newly upgrade the OH1000 oxyhydrogen generator. So, what is oxyhydrogen generator? It decomposes water into hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis. The gas comes from water and produces water vapor after combustion. It is an environment-friendly equipment.
Today we will introduce the OH1000 main parts and technologies of the interior and exterior structure.
OH1000 oxyhydrogen generator

The big difference of exterior structure is the design of pressure gauge and additive tank. The pressure gauge is embedded in machine body and additive tank is with integrated design.It can avoid the damage of pressure gauge during transportation. From the front,it is the touch screen.It shows the working status and operation status.Next to it is the gas output adjust knob, and the pressure gage, additive tank. The gas output adjustable knob is to adjust the gas output up to 1000liter hho gas.About additive tank,it can be used for flame adjustment if you have the requirement of flame temperature.Please note that there are brake pads on the pulley wheel. When pressed, the machine will be in a fixed position and no longer slide.
new design OH1000 oxy-hydrogen generator

Do you want to know more about the Interior structure?
Interior structure mainly include the electrolytic cell, anti-backfire device, power supply system, axial flow fan, circuit control system module.
We adopt the integrated wave-shape electrolysis cell which can dissipate heat effectively and be not easy out of shape.The anode and cathode don’t have specific difference. If one side is anode, then another will be cathode. On the top and side of the electrolytic cell,there are some necessary electronic components and safety devices such as temperature sensor,safety valve,water level sensor and pressure control switch.
Temperature sensor works when the electrolysis cell’s temperature is above 40 celsius degree.
Safety valve is used for draining gas out in case of pressure control switch failing.It works when the working presssure is up to 0.2Mpa.
Water level sensor is to connect the circuit control system module to detect water level of electrolysis cell.
There are two fans for heat dissipation. One is for power supply and another for generator.
The anti-backfire device is our unique patented wet anti-backfire technology, three level anti-backfires, 100% safe and reliable. On the circuit control system, there are labels on each line’s end. The entire wiring plug use quick plug,which is convenient for maintenance and replacement of parts.