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How Does Ozone Generator Work?
For a long time, in the aspects of medical and health, pharmaceutical, food processing, etc., disinfection and sterilization of water and air have been followed by ultraviolet radiation, chemical drugs fumigation, spraying and other methods, there are many defects in use. The emergence of ozone sterilization and disinfection products, provide A fast, efficient, safe, reliable, and easy-to-use disinfection method is the ideal substitute for traditional disinfection equipment, and will inevitably be widely used.

Ozone o3 is an allotrope of oxygen o2, with the same composition elements, different composition forms, and very different properties.

Ozone is gaseous at normal temperature, colorless and grassy at low concentration, and more soluble in water. It is one of the strongest oxidants known at present and is an internationally recognized green environmental fungicide. The chemical nature of ozone is relatively lively and Extremely strong oxidizing ability. When it encounters bacteria and harmful chemicals (such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia), it will immediately produce an oxidation reaction, thereby playing the functions of sterilization and disinfection, mildew removal, odor removal, and decomposition of harmful gases. It is unstable, it is converted from aerobic o2, and it will be restored to o2 in tens of minutes, so there is no pollution and residue. It is the only substance in the world that can be directly disinfected by food and beverages so far.

The ozone disinfection machine produced by our company is a kind of equipment dedicated to air purification and disinfection.It uses the latest ozone generation devices and multiple protection function circuits, and has excellent performance and extremely long working life.

Ozone, as a gas sterilant, relies on its oxidizability to produce a strong killing effect on microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and molds. Like any disinfectant, it causes a certain physiological response or even damage to animals and humans, but ozone is more important than commonly used disinfectants It is much smaller and environmentally friendly. It is much easier to smell the specific odor of ozone. "Irritation" is the reaction of the respiratory tract viscous. It feels dry mouth, cough, strong throat, sore throat, fatigue, etc. It takes a few hours to recover. So far, there has been no fatal accident due to ozone poisoning in the world. Ozone as a disinfectant has strong sterilization ability, can decompose itself without residual pollution, and the discomfort after contact disappears immediately after leaving the site. The advantages are formaldehyde (formalin), peracetic acid , Potassium permanganate and other common disinfectants are unmatched. Ozone should be applied correctly with the scientific attitude to ensure that the health is not damaged.
Ozone industry hygiene standards:
International Ozone Association: 0.1PPm for 10 hours of exposure.
USA: 0.1Ppm, 8 hours of exposure.
France and Japan: 0.1PPm.
China: 0.15Ppm.

Ozone Applications
1.Deodorization in the kitchen
The smell of kitchen smoke, fishy insecticide and other odors can be eliminated and improved.

2.Eliminate odors in newly renovated rooms and new furniture
Decompose harmful gases such as toluene and formaldehyde emitted from new furniture and newly decorated whitewashed walls (natural volatilization takes 3 years to fully evaporate) to reduce the generation of human allergens.

3. Purify environment and deodorant
Eliminate smoke, dust, decompose harmful substances in the air, keep indoor air clean and fresh.

4.Bathroom and toilet deodorant
The odor of the toilet or the pungent smell in the toilet, as well as the scent of the salsa in the garage (basement), can be effectively eliminated and improved.

5.Disinfection of pets and garbage
The body odor of pets is sometimes inevitably unbearable.After being sterilized by o3 water and deodorized, it can be effectively improved.
The garbage storage is smelly and easily breeds mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, bugs, and commonly used o3 gas to deodorize, which can refresh the air and reduce mosquitoes and flies.

6.Wardrobe, shoe cabinet deodorization and anti-mildew
Sneakers, leather, and socks are often sterilized with o3, which can eliminate odors and prevent fungal infections. During seasons, clothes in the wardrobe are prone to mold and odor. The sterilization, deodorization, and decomposition characteristics of o3 can easily solve this problem.

When using this machine to disinfect the air, people and animals must leave the disinfection environment to avoid discomfort.