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Okay Energy Oxyhydrogen Generator’s White Paper
About Okay Energy
Founded in 2006,Okay Energy is a high technology enterprise and the member of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association.Okay Energy has done the largest oxyhydrogen generator in the industry, and the products are widely applied for brazing small motors to large motors. We have focus on researching and developing,production and sales of oxyhydrogen generators for over 13 years. Base on researching and development, quality as life, customer as center, and service as the guarantee, we have won the recognition of our customers.

The water-fuel oxyhydrogen generator is an environmentally friendly equipment that decomposes water into hydrogen and oxygen by water electrolysis. The gas is produced on demand, and the gas is not stored. It is a safe equipment that instead of the traditional high-pressure gas cylinders. The oxyhydrogen generator is an energy saving equipment that only consumes pure water and electricity without other consumables.

Oxyhydrogen generator is mainly divided into five major systems: control system, water vapor separation system, safety system, electrolytic cell system, power supply system.

Control System

NO.1 The programs of the control system are written by the company's technical developers and have their own software copyright. The control system can be customized according to customers’ demand.
No.2 It can be used with automatic production lines and robots, and the signal is connected to it. At present, many customers have used our oxyhydrogen generator with intelligent production lines and robotic arms.
No.3 The machine’s display panel is with touch screen to operate and control. The display screen is divided into three major sections: dynamic information, working status, and operating system.
Dynamic information display include working time, cumulative working time, gas production, water level, temperature control, pressure control, power supply working status, etc.
Status bar display contains the current status, fault reminders, fault solutions, and self-protection status etc.
Operation bar display contains start, stop, and help buttons. The start and stop buttons can be started and stopped with one click. The information in the help button contains details of operation steps and machine maintenance. It is an electronic operation manual that will never be lost.
Optional remote control system combining WIF control and mobile APP control, which can realize device operation, status monitoring and troubleshooting no matter where people are.
The optional 8th generation cloud system has been launched, and the original structure of the equipment is simulated and dynamically demonstrated. The control system performs data monitoring, informing the equipment of the operating status and fault feedback in advance, and pre-alarming the hidden dangers.

water vapor separation system

The temperature of the hydrogen and oxygen gas after water electrolysis is about 50 celse degree. After the hydrogen and oxygen come out of the electrolytic cell and condense with the cold air through the pipes, water vapor and water droplets will be formed.
The water vapor separation system uses nano drying filter element and hydrogen-water separation membrane to filter and dry the hydrogen and oxygen accompanied by water vapor.
the hydrogen and oxygen gas pass through the nano-level drying filter element firstly, and then pass through the patented and self-produced water and gas separation membrane.
It can completely separate the water vapor in the hydrogen and oxygen gas and filter the alkalinity in the gas to ensure that the gas is fully dry. The dried hydrogen and oxygen are neutral, colorless and odorless,which are no harm to human body and environment.
Oxygen is neutral, colorless and odorless (hydrogen and oxygen are derived from water electrolysis, which is a clean energy, colorless and odorless) without harm to the human body and the environment.

Safety System

Hydrogen and oxygen gas burn at 15 meters per second, which is faster than other gases. Our company has designed six anti backfire systems for the equipment, which are protected layer by layer to form a solid anti backfire wall to ensure the safety of the equipment.
No. 1 The patented oxyhydrogen torch is with flame arrestor.
No.2 the gas output pipeline is equipped with smart flame regulator. The fire-retardant module collects the tempering signal from 50m away by light induction. The signal is transmitted to the control system, and the cut-off tempering reaction is made rapidly. The fire resistance rate of the common flashback arrestor is within 40%, while the fire resistance rate of the smart flame regulator is more than 80%.
The stable pressure module ensures the stability of the flame and the uniformity of the workpieces connected by the flame through the intelligent digital constant gas output pressure. After stabilizing the air pressure, hydrogen and oxygen are supplied at a constant speed, which greatly reduces the tempering probability. Even if tempering occurs, the combination of the pressure stabilizing system and electronic fire resistance reduces the destructiveness caused by anti-backfire.
NO.3 The machine is equipped with a real-time pressure diagnosis system to ensure that the machine is always running under safe pressure during operation. When the pressure reaches the upper limit pressure value, the equipment immediately stops gas production. When the pressure drops to the lower limit, the equipment will immediately resume gas production.
No.4 The machine has a built-in wet anti-backfire system and a wet flame arrester equipped with an anti-tempering network. The wet anti-backfire system has an automatic gas shut-off function. As long as the tempering enters the anti-backfire tank, the device will automatically stop gas production and cut off from the gas source. The method of using water to wrap fire will extinguish the back-fire to protect the electrolytic cell and other parts from the tempering.
No.5 The internal pipeline of the machine is equipped with a nano-grade anti-backfire flame arrestor and a one-way valve anti-temper.
No.6 Safety pressure relief system: When the internal pressure of the machine reaches 0.3Mpa-0.4MPa after tempering, the safety pressure relief system on the anti-backfire tank and the electrolytic tank automatically relieves pressure for anti-backfire protection.

Electrolysis System

1.The traditional electrode plates are made of stainless steel. If the electrode works in the strong alkali environment for a long time, the electrode plate will be consumed and the gas production will be reduced. The electrode plates of our company are made of high-density precious metal alloy materials. Its alkali resistance is more than four times that of stainless steel. The gas production is still stable after the 8-10 years of working life.
2.Aluminum tube fin cooling system adopts efficient aluminum tube for heat dissipation, with compact structure, light weight, small volume and high heat transfer efficiency. Compared with the traditional cooling structure, the unit heat transfer area is 5-10 times larger and the weight is reduced by 90%. For example oh2000 model, 23 aluminum tubes are used to ensure the good effect of heat dissipation.
3.The electrolytic cell has the characteristics of anti explosion and anti leakage. After production, the electrolytic cell is added with 7-8kg pressure into the pressure detection vessel of 20 cubic meters to test the welding quality, so as to ensure that the weld is free of porosity, penetration and crack. It ensures the full sealing and gas production efficiency of the electrolyzer, effectively extend the service life of the electrolyzer, and avoid potential safety hazards caused by air leakage and liquid leakage.

Power Supply

The imported IGBT power tube is adopted to independently develop and produce the special frequency conversion resonance power supply for oxyhydrogen generator, which ensures the voltage is stable, the current is adjustable, and the electrolysis efficiency is high. It can work continuously for 24 hours. The imported precision power supply testing equipment is for quality testing to ensure stable power supply quality.

Machine Testing Standard

The special glass rotameter is made in Germany and designed according to the density and characteristics of oxygen hydrogen gas . Before the machine shipped, the flow detection is strictly carried out to ensure the sufficient gas production. The test report of equipment debugging is delivered with the machine, which is convenient for the user to understand and record the overall parameters of the equipment.
The whole production and testing process from raw materials to finished products, with high standards and strict requirements, and continuous technological upgrading and breakthrough, is the founder of the oxyhydrogen generator and the benchmark of the industry.