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Solutions Of Cleaning Catalytic Converter
If you find the catalytic converter is clogged,there are two solutions of cleaning catalytic converter.

The first is replacing the 3 way catalytic converter directly.But the cost of replacing catalyst is expensive.At the same time,you need to keep your eyes wide open for inferior catalytic exhaust products.

Second is to clean exhaust catalytic converter .It is suggested that the catalytic converter is regular cleaning.i.e the cleaning price is range from RMB200 to 800 in China.

Now let’s talk about how to avoid the catalytic converter clogged. should go to the regular gas station for fuel filling.Low quality gasoline with much gum easily causes three way catalytic converter clogged.
2.You should avoid long time low speed and idle car on the road.
3.Try to use high quality engine oil.As the low quality engine oil is with sulfur and phosphorus antioxidant.
4.Try to reduce clean out the inlet and nozzle directly without disassemble as a large number of carbon deposits will be washed down.
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