Alternative Energy HHO Oxyhydrogen Generator
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Alternative Energy HHO Oxyhydrogen Generator
As for the high carbon dioxide emissions increasing when using fossil fuel,HHO oxyhydrogen generator gradually become popular and acceptable. Alternative energy HHO can meet the energy demands better than any fossil fuels and it has a wide application in the industry of welding,cutting,sealing,energy saving etc.

HHO oxy-hydrogen generator produce oxygen and hydrogen by water electrolysis which we refer to browns gas generator.Theoretically,1 liter water can generate 1860 liters of oxygen and hydrogen with electricity consumption 4kw/h.Oxy-hydrogen gas(HHO gas) is colorless, odorless, no CO, no CO2, no COX and no any other poisonous and harmful material.Besides, hydrogen and oxygen mixed gas would burn into water after using.The alternative energy HHO become a new energy revolution in 21st century.Why?Water as fuel,it is renewable energy.Moreover,it is zero carbon dioxide emissions after burning.HHO generator featured eco-friendly,energy saving,and low cost etc.

Okay Energy,as professional HHO oxyhydrogen generator manufacturer and supplier in China,supply HHO generators and provide HHO energy saving solutions in the world.With the fast development recent years,we have many successful case in the jewelry welding,ampoule bottle sealing,acrylic flame polishing,engine carbon clean,and catalytic converter cleaning.