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Introducing The Browns Gas Medical Incinerator
The browns gas medical incinerator burns medical waste faster and more efficiently.By adding hho browns gas,it burns at 1900 celcius- at least 20% hotter than other medical incinerators compared with traditional gas.

Save Money
Because brown gas is a water-based gas,you only need a small amount of electricity and water to generate the fuel for brown gas medical incinerator.This results in minimal cost to incinerate your medical waste on site and eliminates the high cost of alternative methods of disposal.

More Efficiently
The brown gas medical incinerator system connects directly to your existing water line.The medical incinerator has a live feed system that delivers fuel only as it's needed,eliminating fuel storage that other systems may require.

Environmental Friendly
When browns gas burns,the only byproduct is water vapor so you never have to worry about pollutants or toxic fumes.And because of its extremely high temperatures,your medical waste is reduced to less than 2% ash with no dioxins or pathogens.
Because its only output is steam,the brown gas energy system can be used indoors in pre-existing structures.