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The Difference Between Oxyhydrogen Gas Welding And Oxyacetylene Gas Welding
The applications of gas welding are in use in almost all lines of manufacture and repair. Currently,the main two types of gas welding apparatus are oxyhydrogen gas welding and oxyacetylene gas welding.There is main difference of these two type of gas welding.i.g okay energy oxyhydrogen gas welding machine and other company oxyacetylene gas welding apparatus.

Oxy-Acetylene Welding:
Main features:Equipemnt for oxyacetylene welding consists of a few elements,and the energy necessary for welding requires oxygen and acetylene gas cylinders for storage.However,gas cylinders rules update every year to ensure consumer safety for the process of transportation,storage,handling and use in many industrial and laboratory operations.

Cost Of Acetylene Welding:
The cost of acetylene welding is very moderate on work of small or medium size but it becomes somewhat higgh on large work on account of the relative amount of heating to be done while welding. It is difficult to get accurate figures on the cost of doing repair work.

Oxy-Hydrogen Welding:
Okay Energy oxy-hydrogen welding machine is different from oxy-acetylene welding equipment.

Main features:
1)Operation is convenient & safety

Oxyhydrogen generator produce oxy-hydrogen gas on-site as you required and gas cylinders is no longer required.There is no risk of explosion.Machine will turn on automatically when the gas pressure is too low.The gas output is adjustable on all generators.

2)Environmental friendly.
Oxyhydrogen gas welding machine’ fuel comes from water and there is water vapor after combustion.

3)Welding features.
Welding work is fast,high precision,and smooth and beautiful welding spot.Oxyhydrogen flame is concentrated up to 2800 degree,it can heat the welding spot to melting point very quickly.When combustion,it does not produce carbide,so there is no black spot.

4)Energy saving & low cost
Oxygen and hydrogen gas is generated using only some electricity and pure water.The cost of electricity and water is reduced by more than 40% compared with LPG,propane,and acetylene fuel.

The oxyhydrogen welding for enamelled copper wire welding

We can get the comparison between oxyhydrogen welding and oxyacetylene welding as follow:

Comparison between oxyhydrogen welding and Oxyacetylene welding


Oxyhydrogen welding

Oxyacetylene welding

Working features

Only water and electricity to produce oxyhydrogen gas on demand

Oxyacetylene welding is high pressure oxygen cylinder and acetylene  cylinder

Welding quality

1. High temperature, flame temperature can be 2800 celsius

2. Flame concentration, no flame spread

3. The solder joints are smooth and full

1. Low flame temperature, easy to cause virtual welding.This will affects the product quality.

2. Flame spread, easy to cause the adjacent varnished wire depainting and lead to poor insulation

Working efficiency

1. Quick welding speed, high temperature will increase the welding efficiency

2. High energy, hydrogen heat value is 34000 kilocalorie,

3. No need to remove the copper varnish coating 

1. Low flame temperature, low relative welding efficiency

2. Gas cylinder need keep in storage and carry, cost labor-hour.

3. If the gas company doesn't send gas in time, it will seriously affect the production

4. Need to remove the copper coating.It costs more time.


1. No gas cylinders

2. No leakage and  explosion

3. No poison

4. No high pressure

5. No thermal radiation.

6. Built-in anti-fire protecting device

1. Gas cylinders, with a risk of leakage and explosion

2. Gas leak will lead to poisoning or death


1. Water cost is low, only some electricity and no other fuel cost

2. energy saving 40%-60%

Acetylene cost is high per cbm, so more fuel gas cost and high welding cost

Health and environment

1. Zero carbon emissions processes. 2. Water as a source for welding and only water vapor after combustion. 3. Non-toxic to the workers and eco-friendly to the environment.

1. Oxyacetylene combustion produces toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide.

2. Harmful to the workers and not friendly to the environment.