New technology air conditioning copper tube joint with oxyhydrogen flame brazing
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How to use oxyhydrogen flame brazing for air conditioning copper tube joint

Background of Air Conditioning Copper Pipe Welding

The refrigeration system in refrigeration and air conditioning generally uses non-ferrous metal materials such as copper and aluminum. In the process of manufacturing, installation and maintenance, the welding of copper pipe is very key step. It not only affects the appearance, but also affects the normal operation of the system.

Air conditioning copper pipe refers to the copper pipe connecting the indoor unit and outdoor unit of the air conditioner. Air conditioning copper pipe has the characteristics of hard texture, corrosion resistance, high temperature and high pressure resistance.When installing the air conditioner, the new refrigerant air conditioner uses special R410A air conditioner copper pipe to connect the external and internal units of the air conditioner. The welding of the air conditioner connecting pipe R410A copper pipe is a direct factor affecting the refrigeration effect, and the correct operation steps are very important.Silver welding rod is generally used for the welding of copper pipes, and the silver content of silver welding rod is 25%, 15% or 5%. Copper phosphorus series welding rods can also be used. They all have good fluidity and do not need flux.

Selection of Solder

Copper pipe is an important raw material for refrigeration equipment, which is mainly used for making heat exchangers and connecting pipes and fittings. Most pipe fittings for refrigeration and air conditioning use copper purple pipes. The commonly used solder types include copper phosphorus solder, silver copper solder, copper zinc solder, etc. During welding, solder shall be correctly selected and skillfully operated according to the characteristics of pipe materials to ensure the quality of welding.

Copper to Copper Brazing

Phosphor copper solder or phosphor copper solder with low silver content can be selected, such as 2% or 5% silver based solder. This kind of soldering flux is cheap and has a good solution. It uses the caulking and wetting process and does not need flux.

Copper to Steel or Copper to Aluminum Brazing

Silver copper solder and appropriate flux can be selected. After welding, the residual flux near the weld junction must be brushed with hot water or steam to prevent corrosion. When using the flux, it is best to dilute it into a paste with alcohol and apply it to the weld crater surface. During welding, the alcohol evaporates rapidly to form a smooth film, which is not easy to lose. At the same time, it can avoid the risk of water immersion in the refrigeration system.

Copper to Iron Brazing

Phosphor copper solder or brass strip solder can be selected, but corresponding flux such as borax, boric acid or mixed flux of boric acid shall also be used.

How to braze copper tube with oxyhydrogen flame torch?

For welding different materials and different pipe diameters, the required welding torch and flame temperature are different. The oxyhydrogen flame size during welding can be controlled and adjusted through the gun valve.Heat the welding position of the copper pipe with oxyhydrogen flame. When the copper pipe is heated to purplish red, remove the flame and lean the solder against the crater so that the solder melts and flows into the welded copper parts to complete the welding.


OH3000 Okay Energy oxyhydrogen welding machine-refrigerator oxy hydrogen copper tube brazing

Oxyhydrogen flame copper pipe brazing has the following advantages:

High temperature: the flame temperature of hydrogen and oxygen is as high as 2800 ℃, and the welding speed is faster than that of other gases.

Flame stability: the heat affected area is small and will not have heat impact on the surrounding workpiece.>/p>

Easy to operate: no gas cylinder, just water and electricity. It is applied to preheat the weldment of copper pipe.

Substitute gas cylinder: substitute oxygen acetylene and other gas cylinders, which is safe and environmentally friendly without deflagration risk.

No carbon emission: it does not change the rigidity and flexibility of the workpiece.
Oxyhydrogen flame copper pipe brazing machine