Warmly celebration succssfully holding of China Motor Industrial Association-oxyhydrogen welding machine
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Warmly celebration succssfully holding of China Motor Industrial Association
The Sixth Session of The Eighth Council and The Ninth General Meeting of Small and medium sized electrical machinery of China Electrical Industry Association was held in Shanghai from June 17 to 18,2021.

The conference was sponsored by China Electrical Industry Association, and co-sponsored by Ningbo Hongda motor mould Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Tianwei Certification Technology Co., Ltd. As one of the five major supporting units, Okay Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. actively participated in the general meeting. Mrs. He , chairman of Okay Energy, attended the general meeting as the voting director of the general election, and participated in and supervised the whole voting process.

At the meeting, the action initiative of "promoting green development to help achieve carbon neutrality" was put forward to companies in the national motor industry, calling on companies in the motor industry to pay attention to green manufacturing and realize the economic development concept of harmonious coexistence between economic development and nature through technical measures of energy saving and emission reduction.

It was proposed in the meeting that the earth is our home for survival, and it is our common responsibility to protect our earth. In September 2020, Champion Xi Jinping solemnly declared to the world: "China will enhance the state's independent contribution and adopt more effective policies and measures. Carbon dioxide emissions will strive to reach the peak by 2030. Striving for the realization of carbon neutralization before 2060", achieving carbon peaking and carbon neutralization is the inherent requirement for China to achieve sustainable development and high-quality development. It is not only an inevitable choice to promote the construction of a community of shared future for mankind, but also an important symbol and the latest measure of China's new journey to build an ecological civilization and a beautiful China, which fully demonstrates China's role in fulfilling its responsibilities as a great power and promoting the construction of a community of shared future for mankind.

Motor is a large consumer of electricity, is an important part of the national carbon peak and carbon neutral strategy, and is the key to help achieve the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutral. It is the social responsibility and obligation of the motor industry to make a positive contribution to achieve the target of carbon peak and carbon neutral vision.

Under the background of a new wave of science and technology, intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing are advancing deeply, and the importance of industrial chain and supply chain security is becoming increasingly prominent. The oxyhydrogen flame welding machine produced by Okay Energy is safe, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, which replacing oxygen acetylene and other gas cylinders, without leakage risk, free of magnet wire enamel stripping and high welding speed. It has been successfully applied to the welding of enameled wire, enameled wire to leading wire and flat copper wire in the motor industry. Many directors of motor industry association adopt our oxyhydrogen welding machines to upgrade technological transformation, and have achieved obvious results in energy saving and improving process quality.

Oxyhydrogen flame enameled wire welding machine uses electricity to turn water (H2O) into hydrogen and oxygen, and ignites it with a special flame gun to form hydrogen and oxygen flame, so as to carry out rapid and automatic welding without enameled wire stripping. Hydrogen oxygen flame welding machine has the advantages of smooth and full solder joint, fast welding speed, safety and environmental protection.

Okay Energy oxyhydrogen welding machine’s more advantages:
Replace oxyacetylene and other cylinders, no gas storage, no risk of leakage.
The temperature of hydrogen and oxygen flame is up to 2800 ℃ and the welding speed is fast.
The flame of hydrogen oxygen flame is concentrated, and has little thermal radiation, which will not produce thermal radiation to adjacent enameled wires.
The working medium of oxyhydrogen generator is water and electricity, and there is no black smoke and carbon emission after flame combustion.
Oxyhydrogen flame welding electric motor magnet wire without enamel wire stripping.
The hydrogen oxygen flame welding is reliable, without false welding, and the welding spot is smooth and full.
Okay Energy can provide one-to-one gas supply scheme and centralized gas supply scheme, and can provide customized scheme according to the actual situation on site. It has accumulated mature supporting schemes in the field of intelligent manufacturing automation production line.