wide application of browns gas generator, hho generator
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Wide Application of Browns gas
What is browns gas?
mixtured oxygen and hydrogen gases generated by water eletrolysis.we refered as browns gas(Brown's Gas or hho gas).

Do you know the application of browns gas generator(hho generator)?
With a purpose of energy saving,people and companies in other contries only know a hho generator work on vehicle called hho kit or hho hydrogen generator which installed on vehicles.Howevery,Chinese hho generator manufacturers have reseached and developed these gases for use of welding, acrylic flame polishing, ampoule bottles sealing, fuel saver for boiler and carbon clean for engines etc.
hho generator applications

As oxyhydrogen flame features no pollutions,2800 degree concentrated,pure,high quality flame.welding work such as gold silver jewelry welding,instrument welding,copper pipe welding,ampoule bottles or tube glass sealing,acrylic flame polishing will be:
1.fast and precisely
2.high effeciency
3.easy and convinient

hho generator for boiler will be low cost,energy saving,environmental friendly.

As for carbon clean for engines,it is similar to hho kit work results.HHO Gas as additive creates more complete burning process than normal.The additional oxy-hydrogen allows the engine to run with better combustion and respectively the fuel consumption and emissions are reduced.we get an increase in power and fuel economy significantly.
1.power increasing
2.smoke smissions reducing
3.engine life increasing

But there will be some difference as you know.oxyhydrogen carbon clean for engines is providing you an car care mainenance service for replacement of engine carbon cleaner.That means oxyhydrogen engine carbon cleaning can help your car pass smog emissons test.