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Why we need do carbon deposit removal out of engine
Many car owners know that carbon buildup is a great danger to cars, but they don't know when and how to remove or clean the carbon deposits out of engine.The following is a few of car performance to remind you should do cleaning carbon from engine.

1.The engine appears the breakdown phenomenon of the idling instability, the jitter, the engine flameout,which explain that the idling motor and channel is blocked up by carbon deposits.

2.The cars appear the difficulty of the cooling start, the power down and the acceleration retardation. The main reason is that carbon buildup absorb some gasoline in combustion chamber causing the insufficient density of gasoline.

3.The surge and noise increase.

4.The excessive exhaust emissions.Carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons in the vehicle exhaust are not enough for fuel combustion.The reason why the fuel burning is not enough as the engine produces a lot of carbon deposits, which affects the normal coordination of the engine intake, fuel injection, atomization, ignition, combustion and other parts.

Carbon deposits have a serious harm to automobile. it is recommended that you should do a hydrogen carbon cleaning service when the car run more than 15000 km.

Okay Energy,safety and build-in PLC computer control system oxy hydrogen engine carbon cleaning machine make you drive new car everyday.