The function and features of visible three-way catalytic converter cleaning machine
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The Function and Importance of Cleaning for The Three-way catalytic converter
Three-way catalytic converter is the most important cleaning device in the exhaust system of car,which can transform the automobile exhaust CO, HC,NOx and other harmful gases into harmless CO2, H2O and Nitrogen by oxido-reduction.With the increasingly requirements of environmental protection, more and more cars are installed the devices of catalytic converter and oxygen sensor. Three-way catalytic converter can work normally that determine the engine fuel consumption, power, emissions and other working conditions.

Three-way catalytic converter is easy to plug because of the honeycomb structure.It is easy to happen the problems of poisoning jam and shorten life because of the poor quality of fuel,lube with parathion antioxidant and road congestion etc.Finally,the damage of catalytic converter will result in the decrease of engine power and emissions exceed the standard when cars drive a certain miles.

The catalytic converter plug is formed gradually into three stages: the first stage is slightly blocked and the compound adsorption on the surface or a hole of the catalytic converter. The cars will appear symptoms such as the decrease of exhaust purification function and exhaust emissions exceed the standard.The second stage is moderate congestion.the compounds have been accumulated in the surface or hole of catalyst to a certain extent. the exhaust pressure increases, increased fuel consumption and power down.The third stage for serious jam. Due to a serious blockage, the temperature of three way catalytic increases when working and the formation of high temperature sintering block is in the front of catalytic converter.

Because the process is slow and we can’t feel by days and months.When the car driving to 20,000 km,you should do car care maintenance and cleaning to make three-way catalytic converter always keep in good condition.

Okay Energy visible three-way catalytic converter cleaning machine is one of first one visible car cleaning machine for three-way catalytic converter in the world.