How much do you know about Okay Energy engine carbon cleaning machine
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How much do you know about Okay Energy engine carbon cleaning machine
1. What’s the principle of Oxy-hydrogen carbon cleaning machine for car engine? How to clean up carbon from the interior of engine?

Oxy-hydrogen carbon cleaning machine for car engine is using the principle of water electrolysis, input the three-phase electric (380 V or 220 V ) to the device, through the rectifier into a direct current (DC), and analyze water into two colorless gases, hydrogen and oxygen, hydrogen and oxygen gases output through the flashback-arrester device, then through a hose which connected to the car engine vacuum tube, suction into the idle speed running car engine. Hydrogen and oxygen gases are produced high temperature and water vapor, hydrogen ions and oxygen ions in the engine combustion chamber, high temperature vapor can humidify, soften the hard carbon deposit on the surface of engine combustion chamber. Reduction of the surface soft carbon deposit by hydrogen ions to form easy to burn carbon based substances. Then full combustion of the carbon based substance with combustion-supporting of oxygen ions. In the process of each engine operation, each combustion of carbon deposition thickness at nanometer level, therefore, carbon deposition is discharged after combustion with the nanoparticle way or carbon dioxide gas, it does not block three way catalytic converter and the exhaust pipe.

2. Is it safe to use oxy-hydrogen carbon cleaning machine for car?

1) The raw material to start oxy-hydrogen carbon cleaning machine for car is water. Water electrolysis into hydrogen and oxygen reactive gas in the internal of oxy-hydrogen carbon cleaning machine, no chemicals, no corrosion , never hurt oil seal, gasket and engine.

2) The generation of combustion of Oxy-hydrogen reactive gas is gaseous water, and discharge through exhaust pipe out of the vehicle.

3) No need to dismantle any engine parts, only connect a intake manifold pipe.

4) When you clean up carbon deposition, it will not damage your engine oil( maintenance free)

3. How oxy-hydrogen carbon cleaning machine for car thoroughly cleaning carbon deposit ?

Carbon deposition distribute in every corner of the engine, including spark plug, nozzle etc., but oxy-hydrogen carbon cleaning machine can fully clean up. Hydrogen gas is very light, hydrogen and oxygen molecules immediately spread to every corner of the engine in the engine inhaling. Hydrogen has good penetration, bit by bit penetrate into the interior of the carbon deposition. Due to hydrogen is a very environmental protection flammable fuel, at the same time with the combustion support of pure oxygen. Carbon combustion just like silkworms eat mulberry leaves, slowly burning by the high-energy fuel hydrogen. If carbon deposit is very serious, scale formation is very thick, oxy-hydrogen carbon cleaning machine also can clean up it. In this respect, oxy-hydrogen carbon cleaning machine more obvious advantage than other carbon removal method. For hydrogen can burn into high temperature water vapor and unceasingly humidify and soften carbon deposition, melting slowly, and then combustion by high temperature water vapor. Our machine also can clean up the carbon deposition on the exhaust pipe. Because it difference to other carbon deposition clearance methods, fuel oxy-hydrogen generate water vapor, when it passed the exhaust pipe, can automatic clean the surface of the inside of the pipe, meanwhile, it also can clean oxygen sensor and three way catalytic converter which set in the exhaust pipe and restore them close to the performance of new car.

4. When I need to clean up the carbon deposition?

Any one of the following problems, you must clean up carbon deposit.

1) Engine idling instability, jitter, flameout, the main reason to appear all these faults phenomena is idle speed motor and the idle channel polluted by carbon deposits. After idle channel was polluted by carbon deposit, the quantity of airflow will limit to pass, so, it need to continuously adjust idle speed motor and air throttle to maintain the normal work of the engine. On the one hand because of the carbon deposition pollution of idle speed motor and air throttle, the regulatory function was limited. On the other hand, with the carbon pollution is aggravating, idle speed motor regulatory function will reach to critical value, losing adjust ability to produce a flame out phenomena. ECU will consider fault of idle speed motor and air throttle, actually, for the sake of carbon deposition already exist in the idle speed system.

2) Power drop, bad acceleration, the major form of these faults is slow to respond to quick accelerations and response lag, it needs to run with the maximum permissible RPM, but RPM is still in need, that often makes us unpleasant. To cause this symptom mainly attribute to the following parts polluted by carbon deposition.

3) Start car in cold difficulty, engine surge, noise increasing, emissions exceeding.

4) In order to prevent carbon deposition damage your car, we suggest you use oxy-hydrogen carbon cleaning machine to clean your car after drive every 5000 KM.

5. How to judge carbon removal effect?

1) Continuously discharged dirty and black water out of the car in the process of cleaning.

2) Good accelerator performance

3) Good acceleration.

4) Remarkable fuel saving

5) Exhaust black smoke disappeared, achieving emissions testing standard