oxy-hydrogen carbon cleaning method brings high-tech for car engine
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oxy-hydrogen carbon cleaning method brings high-tech for car engine
“Saving fuel by 5%~15% and recovering horsepower by 10%~20% for your car, this is the most advanced carbon cleaning maintenance device in the world - Okay Energy oxy-hydrogen carbon cleaning machine for car engine.” Experts of hydrogen industry have introduced, “Every car needs to do engine maintenance after running each 5000km, one is to change engine oil and another is to clean the carbon deposit. These 2 points are same important for car engine maintenance. ”
Carbon deposition is the deposit after incomplete burning of mixed fuel oil and blow-by of lubricating oil. traffic congestion let cars be in a state of low-speed and idle speed, it aggravates the formation and accumulation of carbon deposition. “Carbon deposition brings a large damage: 1. Decrease the engine efficiency; 2. Increase fuel oil consumption; 3. cool starting with difficulty; 4. Excessive exhaust emission; 5. Knocking, noise of low speed and speed-up, it will damage the piston and crankshaft.” Yunhao Qiu said, carbon deposition is not only harmful to car, but also to humans and the environment we lived. The pollutants of automobile discharged have become the main source of air pollution.

Okay Energy oxy-hydrogen carbon cleaning machine for car engine is the new high-tech carbon removal way after traditional chemicals foam and drip additive carbon cleaning method, it certainly will be the mainstream trend of auto maintenance industry in the future. "

The ignition propagation speed of hydrogen is 4.85 m/s which is five times faster than gasoline, especially the flameout interval of hydrogen is only 0.06 seconds which is one-third of gasoline. The smaller flameout interval can make the flame spread to any corner of the cylinder, even reach to the inside gap of the piston ring, the original carbon deposit can be cleaned in a short time, and new deposition will not be produced." Experts explained more, “By Using Okay Energy oxy-hydrogen carbon cleaning machine, the cost is only 1/30 of traditional chemicals additive carbon cleaning method."

This is a very competitive product in the future, and it has attracted great attention in the industry.