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Oxyhydrogen Flame Sealing Ampoules Methods and Tips
Usually,flame sealing ampoules are done in two ways:tip sealing and pull sealing.Tip sealing are generally used for liquid samples.Pull sealing is used for ampoule containing powder and those that need a wide opening.Pull sealing is a slow process but is more reliable than tip sealing.(here more details about ampoule sealing methods)

Okay Energy manual hand ampoule sealing machine is designed based on pull ampoule sealing method.Let's see the video demo on youtube using oxyhydrogen flame for pull ampoule sealing.

manual ampoule sealing machine

Hand ampoule sealing tips:
1.When oxyhydrogen generator's power on,open the hho torch and adjust its flame.
2.Please put ampoules slowly close to flame to avoid burning hand.
3.Slightly rotating the ampoule in flame and then pull the tip opening with the tweezer.
4.Two type of hho torch:fixed single head and fixed two opposite flame torch.