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Difference between HHO carbon cleaner machine with other similar method?
Most people are confused what is HHO carbon cleaning solution and cheated by the fact.As more than 10 years experience of HHO generator manufacturer,we will tell you what big difference between Okay Energy HHO carbon cleaner machine with other similar cleaning method?

From the below chart,we will know it well.

Comparison HHO carbon cleaner machine
Other similar cleaning method:
agent cleaning machine
Working principle Only water and electricity to produce
oxyhydrogen gas, which enter into engine for complete combusting into high temperaturewater vapor elimination
of carbon deposits.
Mainly cleaned by agent, only little hho gas for leading the agent into the engine.
Engine detection
wireless voltage detection
Suitable for both gasoline and diesel car.
vacuum detection
Not suitable for diesel car,
because diesel engine is nearly no vacuum pressure.
Control system or not Yes.
Built-in 32-bit intel CPU automatic and
safety computer control to defect machine
in any status.
1.Simple valve control, without any flow meter to measure the liquid.
2. Equivalent weight of fluid into 
engine for every time carbon cleaning and no automatic reminding the rest amount of liquid.
Safe and eco-friendly process to prolong engine life,increase horse power and saving fuel. 1.Fluid easy to corrode the engine.
2.Overmeasure liquid is easy to damage the engine.

With agent cleaning method,we can see some carbon cleaning effect,but it is likely to breakdown the engine parts.Finally,you may need to spend more money and time on maintenance.