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A garage owner share us engine carbon cleaning issues
A garage owner was very impressed with the results after HHO engine carbon cleaning treatment.So he started up the engine carbon clean franchise for the area and opened the facebook for carbon clean business.With 3month experience,he also share us some engine carbon cleaning issues.

engine carbon cleaning
He often get questions like "so how much more MPG will I get", or "what improvements/extra will I get".Those are exactly the wrong questions. You don't get extra or added anything. You only recover what you have lost. Just how much you have lost depends on many things, your car may already be pretty clean or it may be pretty dirty, depending upon model,age,mileage,driving habits,fuel used, etc.

Another questions is about symptoms of the carbon build-up, typically the noise from the engine contains all the usual tick over noises and fans or pulleys, but is very 'bass-heavy' with a lot of low level rumble, shaking, etc. With the process I'm using this typically disappears within the first 10 minutes and the car idles better. The revs then climb quicker and any flat spots (if carbon related) are eliminated.