How to safely engine flush in your car -car maintenance and repair
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How to safely engine flush in your car
good for at least 18000 km or more in between maintenance. Servicing every 10K for engine flushing is wasting time, money and resources.We suggest every 15000km or 6months for car engine servicing to change engine oil,engine carbon cleaning.

However,most engine flushes are solvent-type products, they tend to reduce the lubrication of the oil,and then mechanical damage occuring and engine seals affected.

How to safely engine flush in your car? Which is best way of car engine maintenance and repair?
we dont suggest use any engine flush products.It is an traditional engine cleaning treatment.Any best engine flush products on the market contain more or less chemical additives.Therefore,the safe and eco-friendly engine cleaning method is on the way --new hho gas cleaning technology for carbon deposits combustion on engine.
It is widely used as new regular car engine maintenance and repair in car workshops.