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Hydrogen carbon cleaning -Are they worth the money or not?
The theme of "how to remove engine carbon clean" is usually discussed in the forum and blogs.And carbon clean can be removed by three ways:fuel additives,engine flush,and hydrogen carbon cleaning.Hydrogen carbon cleaning is absolutely safe cleaning treatment without disassembling anything for about 20-30 minutes.

Why having engine carbon cleaning is benefical?
One automotive repair service expert explains why someone might want to clean the car engine:“The dirtier an engine is, the less thermally efficient it will be. Deposits on the pistons and in the combustion chambers will drive up hydro carbon emissions. In a petrol engine this will mean the catalytic converter will have to work harder and so will have to be replaced sooner.”

Why car makers do not recommend fuel addtives,engine flush for the engines?
Engine flush or fuel additive products are essentially chemicals. These then react with any leftovers in the engine to strip them out. In the case of a flush, you empty them out; for additives, any waste is burnt off. The reason car makers don’t approve is that they’re concerned some of these chemicals may react with rubber or plastic components in the engine and cause premature ageing and failures.

Why is hydrogen carbon cleaning called safe cleaning treatment?
Hydrogen carbon cleaning is a process that combustion directly evaporates without solid particles they pass through a liquid form or in other words, all these carbon deposits pass into a gaseous state and out through the exhaust.The hydrogen carbon cleaning treatment is done every engine- petrol, diesel, LPG or petrol which usually lasts about 20-30 minutes.