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FAQ About Industrial Ozone Generator
How does ozone generator work?

ozone generator is the principle of simulated natural ozone,corona discharge is electrolysis by splitting regular dioxygen molecules (O₂, the form of oxygen we breathe) into two separate oxygen atoms. One of those individual atoms is then fused with an intact O₂ molecule, thus creating an ozone molecule.
When an ozone molecule comes into contact with bacteria, its third oxygen atom breaks looks and destroys the bacteria through oxidation.
The generated ozone gas has strong oxidation and catalysis effects. Viruses and bacteria in the ozone gas are subjected to a variety of free radicals to dissociate and denature proteins and reduce the activity of nucleic acids and enzymes
Once the ozone molecule’s third oxygen atom has eliminated the bacteria, the only thing that remains is a harmless dioxygen (O₂) molecule, which is safe for the environment as well as human lungs.

Is ozone generator safe?

The human sense of smell is extremely sensitive to ozone, and the concentration that a person can feel is 0.01 ppm. According to the regulations of the Ministry of Health,ozone concentration of 0.01ppm for 8 hours without any impact and damage to the human body.

What value can ozone concentration kill bacteria? Which bacteria can be killed?

Ozone in water: the ozone concentration 0.4PPM for 4mins
Ozone in air: the ozone concentration 5PPM(general public place)
These bacteria such as escherichia coli,staphylococcus aureus,staphylococcus albus can be killed.

Whether the ozone generator for air purifying and water treatment must be made of stainless steel?

There is no special request.The ozone machine made of stainless steel is used in a specific use scene like fish ponds and farms, which is affected by the factors of high humidity and high salinity.

What anti-oxidation protection has been done for internal parts of ozone machine?

The main internal parts are fan,ozone plate,mechanical timer.
Fan is with double ball bearing.
Ceramic chip is with silica gel after soldering.
Mechanical timer is accurate and durable.

What are the difference between quartz ozone tube and ceramic ozone plate?

Compared with the ozone plate, the ozone tube is more moisture-proof and has a longer service life.The working life of quartz ozone tube is at least 3 times longer than that of ceramic ozone plate.The concentration of ozone tube is 3-5ppm higher than that of ozone plate.

What is the difference between air source ozone generator and oxygen source ozone generator?

The air ozone generator is used with air as source.21% of oxygen in the air is converted to ozone,which mainly used for air purifying and sterilization.
Oxygen source ozone machine needs external oxygen generator or pure oxygen, which mainly used for refractory sewage or waste gas treatment.

How does ozone generator is used for decolorization and bleaching, oxidation of heavy metal ions?

The use of ozone for decolorization and bleaching includes sewage treatment, washing plants, pulp factories, flavors and fragrances etc.
Ozone for oxidized heavy metal ions is mainly used in water, tap water sterilization, fire water anti-deterioration.

What suggestions about long term use of ozone machine?

Under the condition of air cooling, when the ozone machine works for 40-50mins, the temperature is high.The ozone will decompose while producing, and the efficiency is low. Therefore, it is recommended to use water cooling mode for a long working time.
Generally speaking,Kar Nurse ozone generator below 30g is adopted with air cooling,and water cooling is recommended for ozone generator above 50g/h.

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