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FAQ Three way catalytic converter cleaning machine
1.What is Three way Catalyst?

Three-way catalytic converter is a part of automobile exhaust system, and can transform toxic CO, HC, NOx into nontoxic CO2, H2O, N2 through oxidation-reduction, thus can reduce the exhaust of car.

2.Why need to clean three way catalytic converter ?

Because three way catalytic converter is a very important part of exhaust system to reduce toxic gases produced by car.If it is cloged, it won’t have effect to reduce the toxic gases, and it’s hard to reach car exhaust emissons standard.That is why we need to clean three way catalytic converter and restore it.

3.What is the working principle of visible three way catalytic converter cleaning machine ?

Visible Three Way Catalytic Cleaning Machine is used with special cleaning fluid. It restore the three-way catalyst through two steps: first normal temperature sweeping cleaning, and then high temperature steam cleaning. After the two steps, the efficiency of three way catalytic converter can be restored to the original so as to reduce the vehicle exhaust.

4.What is the advantages of visible three way catalytic cleaning machine compared with traditional cleaning methods ?

4.1 It takes time no more than 20 minutes for the whole cleaning process.

4.2 Environmental friendly.

4.3 No need to discharge three way catalytic converter, only the oxygen sensor.

4.4 Concentrate on cleaning three-way catalyst to reach the exhaust emissons standard, and restore power,reduce the fuel consumption.More,the effect is remarkable.

4.5 Time is short and the effect is visible through the whole process. Customers can see the difference between before cleaning and after cleaning from the display screen.
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