Catalytic Converter Cleaning Video

How to visually clean catalytic converter-part1-VCS2000 so easy operation!

 How to clean catalytic converter-part1
Okay Energy VCS2000 catalytic converter cleaning machine
We show you very easy operation for the machine.
Operation steps:
1)turn on the machine power switch;
2)connect the air compressor;
3)remove the front oxygen sensor;
4)connect the vacuum cleaner machine and turn it on.
5)check if there is air outflow from the front oxygen sensor;
6)Open the liquid cap and pour catalytic converter cleaning fluid;
7)Insert the cleaning tube into the front oxygen sensor;
8)display the touch screen for high-temperature catalyst cleaning and restore it.(we can set different languages with touch screen as your required)
Here is some tips and work for catalytic converter cleaning finished

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