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Electric motor brazing
Oxyhydrogen generator portable OH models is successfully applied for electric motor brazing or leading-out wires welding.Compared with traditional welding methods,it can improve working effiency,energy saving and eco-friendly.
Okay Energy Oxy-hydrogen flame enameled wires welding machine adopts patented technology to electrolyze water to H2 and O2, which output gas is to HHO welding torch through safe device.Equipped with the HHO torch,the oxyhydrogen flame can weld enameled wires precisely and fast.
We recommend OH series hho generators OH300,OH400,OH600 for small motors.

OH20000,OH3000 oxyhydrogen generators for large motors.

Oxy-hydrogen enameled wires welding machine compared with other similar products :
1.Gas production is high-speedy, high-efficient and it can save energy more.
2.Our machine can work 24 hours continuously, it is more reliable.
3.There are several safety devices to be built in, it is safer.
4.The torch has flashback arrestor and different type nozzles, it not only weld different kinds of enameled wires, but also more convenient for use.