Oxyhydrogen gas generator for gold and silver jewelry welding - jewelry welder machine
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Jewelry Welding
The oxyhydrogen flame applied for gold,silver,platinum jewelry welding for more than 20 years.With the work principle of browns gas,Okay Energy design and develop oxyhydrogen generator for jewelry industry.The oxyhydrogen jewelry welder machine make jewelry welding work more fast,safety and convinient.
Working Priciple:
Water as a fuel,the oxygen and hydrogen gases generated by water electrolysis enter into gas pipe and oxyhydrogen torch.When you fire it,the pure oxyhydrogen flame can weld fast and precisely the gold,silver and platinum jewelry.
Oxyhydrogen Jewelry Welder Machine's Technical Features:
1.Equipped imported power supply,the machine can work 24hours continuously.
2.Adopped imported stainless steel and activated surface treatment,the service life of electrolytic cell is durable.
3.Three sets of safety protection device is designed to ensure reliable operation.
4.Unique fine oxyhydrogen flame torch is suitable for the users for operation.In order that there is no backfire appeared when users turn off the valve,the torch has built-in flashback between the nozzle and valve.
How do you choose the Okay Energy oxyhydrogen generator for jewelry welder work?
As per many years of sales experience,Okay Energy oxy-hydrogen generator portable model SOH100,OH100,OH200,OH400 are best selling for jewelry welding.
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