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Application-Welding And Brazing,Soldering
Okay Energy oxy-hydrogen hho welding machine adopts patented technology to electrolyze water to H2 and O2, then output gas to welding torch through safe device, and fire them to form Oxy-hydrogen flame with precisely and fast welding.
HHO welding machine is a kind of welding brazing machine,brass soldering machine which are widely used for jewelry welding,thermocouple welding,electric motors brazing,brass musical instrument soldering etc.
Application and videos Picture Show
Gold and silver jewelry welding, and soldering
Enameled wires welding or enameled wire and leading-out wires welding/
Electric motor brazing for electric motors workshop,electric motors repair
thermoelectric couple and platinum resistor leading wires welding   
Brass musical instrument soldering for brass instrument repair and production  
Air-conditioner & refrigerator brazing   
Automobile exhaust pipe brazing Fishhook welding
Storage battery tinplate welding
Lighting hardware welding
Advantages of Okay Energy oxy-hydrogen welding machine compared with other similar products :
1. Gas production is high-speedy, high-efficient and it can save energy more.
2. Our machine can work 24 hours continuously, it is more reliable.
3. There are several safety protection devices to be built in, it is safer.
4. The torch has flashback arrestor and different type nozzles, it is not only suitable to weld different kinds of products, but also is more convenient to use.
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