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Aluminum welding and repair
Okay Energy have many successful cases about oxyhydrogen gas welding for aluminum welding and repair.OH100-OH600 can be used for making aluminum LED light word and larger industrial OH1000,OH2000 and larger ones for aluminum coil’s joints welding etc.
As a new idea of new billboards display advertising equipment for LED lighted channel letter signs,Okay Energy design and develop the OH100-600 small portable oxy-hydrogen generator for aluminum welding.
A few of many metal parts that can be easily welding and repaired:
Aluminum Heads,Cast Iron Heads,A/C Lines,Manifolds,Aluminum Boats,Refrigeration,Aluminum Molds,Generators,Radiators and Aluminum Transformers.
Okay Energy provide technology service support engineer for on-site machine installation and technical exchange with welding workers.What is why we have power transformers/motor brazing solutions & cases for many years.And OH1000 and OH2000 type has received popular recognition by well-know partners like Creat,TBEA.
E.g OH2000 water gas generator cases : Aluminum to Aluminum connection transformers brazing video on youtube
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