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Copper brazing
Hydrogen has a clean flame and is good for use on coppers.the flame temperature is up to 2800 °C when pre-mixed in a 2:1 ratio with pure oxygen called oxyhydrogen. We have many years of experience of hho hydrogen gas welding brazing machine in repairs and welding on automotive or motorcycles,musical instrument and air conditioners etc.
What is oxy hydrogen gas welding?
Oxy hydrogen gas welding is similar with oxyfuel gas welding on applications.Compared with oxyacetylene welding,oxyhydrogen gas welding is free energy welding method which gets H2 and O2 from water.There is no gas cylinders.Therefore,oxy hydrogen gas welding is the safest and green energy fuel.
What is the features of copper welding and brazing?
Copper and many copper alloys can be welded with oxyhydrogen gas.The oxy hydrogen gas welding process should only be used for small,noncritical applications,including repair welding.The relatively low heat input of the oxy hydrogen flame makes welding slow compared to arc welding.Higher preheat temperatures or an auxiliary heat source may be required to counterbalance the low heat input,particularly with alloys with high thermal conductivity or with thick sections.
Okay Energy OH series oxy hydrogen gas welding brazing machine supplies for copper pipe welding and brazing,air-conditioning brazing,jewelry welding in repairs.Click here for more information on Oxyhydrogen gas welding machines.
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