• Model: OK-M20
  • Number of Workstation: 1-2pcs customize multiple sealing workstation
  • Vacuum Leakage Rate: 1×10-10pa·m3/S
  • Thickness of Sealed Tube Wall: ≤2mm
  • External Diameter of Sealable Tube: 8mm-45mm
  • Vacuum Connection: KF25

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  • quartz tubing vacuum sealing system
Technical Parameters of  Oxyhydrogen Generator:
Model OK-M20
Number of Workstation 1-2 pcs customize multiple sealing workstation
Rotating Speed 0-30r/min
Vacuum Leakage
Thickness of Sealed Tube Wall


External Diameter of Sealable Tube
Vacuum Connection
Air escape valve


Charging port
3mm-8mm,1/8in,1/4in,3/8in optional
Temperature Range
Optional Device oxyhydrogen generators, spare parts

Product Details:
 Quartz tube vacuum sealing machine is simple and fast. There is unique rotary seal flange. So, it could adjust and display the sealing speed of tube casually and tube could be sealed without manual rotation, which could greatly improve the sealing efficiency of tube.

The device is made with high vacuum rotary seal system, high vacuum pipeline, intake port, suction port, vent valve and glass test tube flange. It is used for the vacuum sealing of daily high purity raw materials in university and lab of institution. It could be used in factory to have tube sealing, vacuum sealing of quartz glass tube and vacuum seal of borate glass. The isolation of samples of after-melting of quartz in the mouth of tube and outer air could have effective protection sample that is sensitive to air. Sample could be burned or transported in a long time as well as switching of suitcases after sealing. Quartz tube vacuum sealing machine could provide 1-2 workstaion and there could be customization for multiple machines.

When sealing quartz tube, it is necessary to equip with industrial oxyhydrogen generators to melt glass tube fastly.Generally speaking,we suggest you choose the oxyhydrogen generators based on the the external diameter and thickness of glass tube.

External Diameter of glass tube Thickness of glass tube wall Oxyhydrogen generator model
≤10mm ≤1mm OH400-OH600
≤16mm ≤1.5mm OH800-OH1000
≤25mm ≤2mm OH2000
≤35mm ≤3mm OH3000

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