Scientific Borosilicate Glass Blowing Quartz Glass Lathe Machine
Rotary Quartz Tube Vacuum Sealing System
OK-M40 scientific glass tube blowing lathe machine
Okay Energy OK-M40 scientific borosilicate or quartz glass blowing sealing machine is to fix large sized diameter glass for evenly heating.It is usually equipped with industrial oxyhydrogen generator OH2000,OH3000,OH5500 etc.
  • Ok-M40
  • 220
  • 155mm
  • semi-automatic
  • Oxyhydrogen gas
  • Customize
OK-M40 scientific glass blowing sealing machine

The full set of sealing system include oxyhydrogen generator,OK-M40 glass tube sealing machine.Oxyhydrogen generator produce H2 and O2 to form pure concentrated flame to melt tube.The rotating system is to fix quartz tube so that it can heat evenly and seal fast.

Components Functional Introduction

Gas hand valve: Open or close the air source manually.
Inlet control valve: Under the control of foot switch, open the air inlet, connect one end of 8mm pagoda connector to external air source, and the other end to gas hand valve.
Chuck: The handle plate can be moved left and right by hand, and it can be moved by stepping motor to clamp the glass tube. There is a fastening screw rod on the plate to prevent the glass tube from loosening after the glass tube is clamped. It is tightened clockwise and loosened anticlockwise.

Flame Workbench: It can move left and right with handlebar. There are two groups of fixed flame gun on the table, which can adjust the melting distance of flame gun from multiple angles.
Sealing Operation: adjust the distance between nozzle and glass tube (refer to 10mm). When ignition, only one of flame torch can be ignited, and the other can be ignited when the glass tube rotates. When ignition, ignite from the bottom behind the burner.
Technical Parameters
Model OK-M40
Voltage 220V
Power 0.75KW
Dimension(L*W*H-mm) Customize
Glass Tube Diamater 30-100mm(Φ)
Application scientific borosilicate glass/ quartz glass tube
Feature evenly heating,sealing fast,working efficiency,safety
Suitable For laboratory,research institute
Optional Gas  oxyhydrogen generator
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