Type I Lab Ultrapure Water Purification System -Lab Water Solution
Ultrapure Water System
The characteristics of the laboratory water purification system, tap water into the high purity lab water, and the production of pure water and ultra-pure water. It greatly meet the water needs of the laboratory.
  • OK-EP10
  • 10L/h
  • 1.5-2L/min
  • tap water(10~35℃),0.15-0.35Mpa water pressure,TDS≤200mg/L
  • 110/220V,50/60Hz
  • 410*300*500
  • 30
Ultrapure water purification system OK-EP10

Using advanced reverse osmosis technology and ultra-purification column with original formula filler, Okay energy ultra-pure water and RO pure water machine provides the overall lab water solution. This series of machine use tap water as a source . At the same time, the preparation of 18.2 MΩ∙cm ultrapure water and RO pure water, ultrapure water reach or exceed the quality standards of China laboratory water and test methods(GB6682-2008)and ASTM, CLSI, ISO3696 level of water quality standards. This system is compact and easy to operate.

Technical Parameters
Model OK-EP10 (Advanced Type)
Output 10L/h
Flow Rate 1.5-2L/min
Feed Water Requirement tap water @5~35℃;
pressure:0.15 -0.35Mpa;TDS:≤200mg/L
 RO Water Quality 
 Conductivity(25℃)  3-6μs/cm
 Iron Rejection Rate  99%(new RO membrane)
 Organic Rejection Rate  >99%,when MW>200Balton
 Paeticles and Bacteria Rejection Rate  >99%
 Ultrapure Water Quality 
 Resistivity(25℃)  18.2MΩ/cm
 Bateria  <1CFU/ml
 TOC <3ppb
 Particle  >0.22um/ml<1um/ml
 UV Lamp  yes
 AC requirement  110/220V,50/60Hz
 Power  50W
 Dimension(L*W*H-mm)  410*300*500mm
 Gross Weight(kgs)  30kgs
 Standard configuration  Main body,pressure tank
Advantage characteristics:
1. Micro-computer control functions
  Automatically control,continuous water production,self-checking,low water level protection alarm,automatic protection of power cut,automatic water production of water shortage in water tank,automatic shutdown of water full in water tank,ultra-low voltage             protection,automatic flushing of RO membrane and more.

2.Conveninient for use
  The equipment adopts the quantitative consumables management system, which can remind the customer the equipment operation status timly according to the water quality and the failure of the consumables. It is also equipped with a separate water intake     to  facilitate users' water demand.

3. Adopting imported high quality accessories
   The equipment can online monitoring ultra-pure water quality, water temperature, pressure, the system uses advanced reverse osmosis membrane, silent booster pump, pipe fittings and other high quality accessories.

4. Laboratory grade water standard
   The equipment is made in accordance with China National Laboratory Water Specification Standard GB6682-2008.

5. Advanced water pretreatment system
   The system runs lower power, noiseless, and the performance parameters can be upgraded, suitable for different water sources.
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