OK-MP10 economic type ultra pure water machine - Okay Energy
Ultrapure Water System
With concise design, stable water production and expansible ability, Okay Energy OK-MP series will be economic water purification system for inspection use in hospital and laboratory.
  • OK-MP10
  • 10L/h
  • 1.5-2L/min
  • Tap water,temperature 5~35℃,pressure:0.15-0.35Mpa; TDS:≤200mg/L
  • 410*300*500
  • 20
OK-MP10 economic type ultrapure water machine

OK-MP10 series ultrapure water machine can directly purify the tap water into high-quality ultra pure water, which is used in clinical biochemical analyzer, immune, PCR, blood gas analyzer, capillary electrophoresis, tissue culture, making reagents and other inspection and analysis.
Ultrapure water reach and exceed the laboratory standard of China laboratory water and test method (GB/T6682-2008),ASTM,CLSI,ISO3696 level water quality.
Technical Parameters
Model OK-MP10
Output 10L/h
Flow Rate 1.5-2L/min
Feed Water Requirements

tap water,temperature 5~35℃,pressure 0.15-0.35Mpa; TDS:<=200mg/L

RO Water Quality  


Iron Rejection Rate 99%(new RO membrane)
Organic Rejection Rate >99%,When MW>200Balton
Particles and Bacteria Rejection Rate >99%
Ultrapure Water Quality  
Resistivity(25℃) 18.0MΩ/cm
Baterial <1CFU/ml
Particle >0.22um/ml<1um/ml
TOC <10ppb
AC Requirement 110/220V,50/60Hz
Power 30W
Dimension(L*W*H-mm) 410*300*500
Weight(kgs) 20
Standard Configuration main body, pressure tank
Advantage characteristics:
1. Outstanding process design to reduce the cost of consumable items.
2.Imported high quality core components like reverse osmosis membrane, refined mixed and polished resin, can ensure the production water quality.
3.Through monitoring production water quality on line and displaying by LCD screen,accurate and intuitive production water information can be observed directly.
4.By adopting pressure closed design and pipeline, joint with inert material( like PE, POM) to avoid the secondary pollution.
5.Producing RO pure water and ultra-pure water at the same time.
6.Easy to install external water valve to have one or more water points.
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