Sealing Video
  • PlayRotatable Quartz Tube Vacuum Sealing Device From OD 8-45mm
  • Playsemi automatic rotary double flame torch OKRFH-2 ampoule sealing machine
  • Playflexible oxyhydrogen flame torch OKMFH-2 for freeze drying ampule sealing
  • PlayOxyhydrogen sealing quartz ampoules under vacuum
  • PlayOH300 laboratory ampoule sealer machine - oxyhydrogen flame manual sealing
  • Playquartz borosilicate scientific glass blowing -oxyhydrogen flame sealing and melting
  • PlayUniversity teacher onsite oxyhydrogen flame drawing and sealing of quartz glass tube
  • PlayOH1000 oxyhydrogen laboratory equipment for quartz glass tubing and melting
  • Playautomatic ampoule making machine-Pharmaceutical machine
  • PlayNew style OH1000 Oxyhydrogen quartz glass melting and blowing
  • PlayLaboratory quartz glass melting using OH oxyhydrogen generator
  • PlayOH1000 Oxyhydrogen flame fastly melting quartz glass tubing - lab equipments
  • Playampoule glass bottle melting sealer machine with double hho torch
  • PlayHow to use hand manual ampoule sealing machine
  • PlayOH200 oxyhydrogen hand glass ampoule sealing manufacturing machine for 2ml(1)
  • PlayOH200 hydrogen gas generator/manual ampoule sealing machine for 10ml bottles(2)
  • PlayOH1500 automatic ampoule filling and sealing machine operation
  • PlayOH1000 oxyhydrogen solution for ampoule filling sealing machine
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