• Model: OKABFKJ2/1-2
  • Available Heads: single head/double head
  • Production Capacity(Pieces /Hour): 3600-3900
  • Power Consumption(KW/H): 0.55
  • AC Voltage(V): 220/380V 50-60 Hz
  • Weight(KG): 250

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  • cosmetic ampoule filling sealing machine
Technical Parameters of  Oxyhydrogen Generator:
 Automatic ampoule filling and sealing technical data:



Available Heads

single head/double head

Production Capacity(Pieces /Hour)


Power Consumption(KW/H)

Fuel Consumption(m3/h) Coal gas 3-3.5m3/H; LPG 1.5-2m3/H;
combustion-supporting gas:oxygen
Dimension(L*W*H-mm) 1200*980*1350
AC Voltage(V) 220/380V 50-60 Hz
Weight(KG) 250

Product Details:
Oxyhydrogen Flame Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine / Cosmetic Glass Ampoule Making Machine ' HHO technology uses water as medium to electrolyze water into H2 and O2, fire them to formed Oxyhydrogen Flame. The temperature of oxyhydrogen flame is as high as 2800 degrees so that it can seal the ampoules very fast. The quality and speed of Oxyhydrogen flame sealing method is higher than Liquid gas's.
The traditional combustion-supporting gas is coal,LPG,oxygen gas cylinder etc,there is a risk of explosion. Oxyhydrogen gas generator can completely replace gas cylinders, and it is simple and convinient for operation.

Okay Energy developed and designed two types of oxy-hydrogen generator for manual ampoule sealing and automatic ampoule filling and sealing.
Recommend Oxy-hydrogen generator models OH1000,OH2000,OH3000 for automatic ampoule filling and sealing,which widely used in pharmaceutical,cosmetic industries.


How to operate oxy-hydrogen generator and ampoule filling and sealing machine? 

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    • Ampoule sealing operation steps:
      1. Install the Oxyhydrogen Flame Ampoule Sealing Machine according to the Operating Instruction, then connect the pipe, adjust position up and down.
      2. Open the Power Supply switch of Oxyhydrogen Machine, start to produce gas, when the air pressure rises to 0.1Mpa, you can open the torch valve.
      3. Firing to formed Oxyhydrogen Flame, can adjust flame size further through valve adjustment.
      (Remark: When firing, pls don't let any part of the body be in front of the torch nozzle.When firing, you should be in the side of the torch to avoid firing your hands.)
      4. Using the tweezer attached with machine to nip ampoule, the tautness of nipping should guarantee the ampoule not only won't come off, but also can rotate it with hand.
      5. To put the ampoule in Oxyhydrogen Flame to heat and rotat it at the same time. When heating is finished, pull up the tweezer, the process of sealing is accomplished.

  • Advantages 
    • Oxyhydrogen generator's features for ampoule filling and sealing
       1. Safety

      Oxy-hydrogen Flame Ampoules Sealing Machine just uses water and electricity, no gas bottle, no hydrogen gas storage, no leakage and explosive danger.
      2. Convenience
      it can work just with water and electricity, every litre water can be used 7~8 hours. But Liquid gas bottle need to be changed by manual moving, it is very inconvenient.
      3. Cleanliness
      Oxy-hydrogen combustion just produces little water vapour, there is no harm to the pharmaceuticals. But Liquid gas combustion produces carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen compounds which will impact on the quality of pharmaceuticals.
      4. High Efficiency
      The speed of Oxy-hydrogen Flame sealing method is higher than Liquid gas's.
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