Okay Energy OKRFH-18 Automatic Rotary Oxyhydrogen Flame Torch Tip Sealing Method Ampoule Sealing Machine
Ampoule filling and sealing machine
OKRFH-18 Auto-rotating Ampoule Sealing Machine
Okay Energy OKRFH-18 is a set of auto rotary ampoule sealing torch device with tip sealing method, which is specially matched for OH series of oxyhydrogen generators. The auto-rotating function can make you free hands while sealing ampules.
  • OKRFH-18
  • 220/110 50/60Hz
  • 30W
  • 1-10ml ampoules,onion skin ampoules,NMR tubes, test tubes,custom glass vials and tubes
  • 380*220*405
  • 10
  • oxyhydrogen flame torch,C/D nozzles,spanner*3pcs,power cord
OKRFH-18 18holes rotary automatic tip sealing method oxyhydrogen flame ampoule sealing machine

The OKRFH-18 ampoule sealing torch device use tip sealing method to work together with OH400 oxyhydrogen flame generator.The system seals different size bottles from very small onion skin 1ml  to large 100ml ampoules. The workbench can be auto-rotating while do sealing work, no need to pull ampoules. After you put 18 bottles ampoules on the tray, it can start and stop sealing by pedal. Placing, sealing, removing ampoules can be finished at the same time. Therefore, the working efficiency of auto-rotating is 20times that of handle manual ampoule sealing.
18holes rotary oxyhydrogen flame ampoule sealing machine
Technical Parameters
Model OKRFH-18
Product Name 18holes auto rotary oxyhydrogen flame ampoule sealing machine
AC Voltage(V) 110/220V 50/60Hz
Power 30W
ampoule sealing method tip sealing
Connected Gas Generator OH400 oxyhydrogen generator for heating and melting ampoules
Ampoule Size 1-10ml ampoule bottles
Accessories flame torch*1pcs, C/D nozzles*1pcs, spanner*3pcs, power cord
Dimension(L*W*H-mm) 380*220*405mm
Net Weight(kg) 10
Advantage characteristics:
1. High efficiency ampoule sealing 700-1200bottles per minute.
2. The ampoule bottle filling tray can fill 18pcs ampoule bottles and prevent bottles removable.
3. Adjustable flame torch position and sealing time to get good ampoule sealing result.
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